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Editorial – March 2018

We know man mortal, One who is born, must die after completing the task deigned by one’s Master and Creator. That is path designed for men on this earth. But disaster strikes when humans, either in their own frenzied megalomania or being manipulated by devil’s disciples or misguided idealists try to change the destiny of nations, countries or regions through insensate violence or manic savagery. Such has been the fate of humanity through ages and is still continuing. We are yet to learn our lessons from history. The struggle continues.

This month ends with the observance of Good Friday on 30th of March by Christians all over the world to mark the martyrdom of one of the greatest religious leaders on earth Jesus Christ who was crucified by the conspiracy of scheming priests and the conniving Ruler. We share the sad memory and pay our solemn homage to his soul. We in this connection, recall, the legendary ‘Dharma Yuddha’ of Kurukshetra or the “Crusades” of the middle ages in middle east with the passage of time civil societies all over the world have been trying to devise institutional mechanisms to settle international or regional disputes through reasoned discussions or peaceful negotiations. But unfortunately unorganised and wanton mass killings and destructions continue to rise their heads now and again. We in India, have been recently struck by untold horror by the news the confirmation of the news of a mass killing of 39 innocent and unarmed Indian workers whose only fault was going to ‘Iraq’ to earn an honest living. Our hearts go out to the members of the bereaved family in their hour of distress. We deeply express our solemn grief in this hour of sorrow.

Here, in our own land, we find that a hard rivalry is going in the name of pious religious celebrations having political undertones. But we have great faith in our liberal and secular traditions to rise above such local or regional strife be they be religious, social, cultural or linguistic in nature. We re-iterate our motto –‘সত্যমেব জয়তে’

The Samaj executive is trying to revive our “Balya Bhavan at Baniban in Howrah district which is in a poor shape. We hope Samaj will be able to revive its activities by diversification.

Discussions are also going on to uplift Krishnagar BrahmoSamaj. Some improvements have also been made in and around Baniban Brahmo Samaj building.

We eagerly await the arrival of the Bengali New Year next month. Let Master be always our guide.   

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