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By C. H. Hunter

The problem of world peace has two main features, the problem of fear and the problem of freedom. The main cause of the world’s unrest is fear; – how should we go about banishing fear and what will we substitute for it?

There are two weapons that banish fear; Brotherhood and Freedom. We banish fear by believing in and practicing brotherhood, by having confidence in the good or higher part that we must appeal. This higher part of man will ever respond to our thoughts and actions of love and brotherhood if our thoughts and our appeal are sincere and genuine.

The idea of sharing of our benefits and our freedom is only bringing to be dimly sensed by the peoples of the world; and so we have the first attempt to share our knowledge and our resources on an international scale in the United Nations and its agencies that are helping the backward countries.

We are beginning to see that our progress, our security and our peace are bound up with world-scrutiny, world-peace and world-progress. We are beginning to see the idea of One world, and this is beginning to be accepted by most of the peoples of the world. This idea of one world, of world-unity, is the idea of the future. The time is ripe for world-unity, and when the time is ripe for a world-idea, it is as impossible to stop it as it is to stop the tide. We see its beginning and we see it gathering momentum from year to year, even from week to week. The future belongs to the idea of Unity and Brotherhood, the essence of which is sympathy, understanding and thoughts of kindness for others. When we produce in our hearts and minds purity, peace and love, then we are practising brotherhood, and we discover a new and friendly world, a world without fear, a world of peace, of sharing, and of love.

– C. H. Hunter, The Theosophist

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