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Editorial – June 2018

Waiting is a vital part of our mortal existence and spiritual journey. Manusanhita says “নাভিনন্দেত মরণং, নাভিনন্দেত জীবিতং। কালমেব প্রতীক্ষেত নির্দেশং ভৃতকো যথা“ – Covet neither death nor life; wait for whatever time brings, just as a servant waits for the wage of his labour. We are forbidden to crave for earthly gains or to be too eager for enjoyments in the world beyond. We are to wait patiently and with detachment for whatever has our Universal father offers us during our life time and in our eternal abode. Our sages have spoken like it. But we are ordinary existing with our small desires and greed. We are always fighting for more space either with brute force or with low cunning. But even in our fierce struggle for existence, an inner voice tells us to exit from this vicious circle of greed and violence, fear and chicanery, if we care to listen, as earlier said we must wait for the master’s voice deep within ourselves. All our spiritual exercises, silent prayers and ultimate surrender have one goal. We must meet our master as and when he ordains. We must have trust in him that he will give his call when the time arrives.

  1. India is a land of pilgrimages and pilgrims, irrespective of the existence of different faiths. Buddhist monks from China during the regime of the Gupta dynasty travelled to Kushinagar where Buddhadeb’s mortal body was laid to rest. Muslim after they came to India would travel to Haj pilgrimage at Mecca in the Middle East. For hundreds of years Hindu devotees will travel from Kanya Kumarika in the south of India to the Himalayas in the north along perilous paths. The Himalayas, which shield the main land of India along the long northern border have always have special attractions for Hindu devotees, young or old, men or women with holy shrines spread all over Kailash mountain, as pious Hindus believe is the abode of the god Siva or mahleva Gangotri, from where the river ganges begins its journey towards the Bay of Bengal, is a very sacred river the Hindus all over the country likewise the holy shrines at Amarnath and the lake Manas Sarabar are great pilgrim spots to them. Every year thousands travel to Amarnath Temple defying the physical hardship and whimsical nature. Maharshi Debendranath Thakur was also overwhelmed by the silent grandeur of the Himalayas. As Rabindranath observed that humanity, nature and God are inseparable elements in the human psyche. That is why he said “বিশ্বসাথে যোগে যেথায় বিহারো – সেইখানে যোগ তোমার সাথে আমারও॥“ our goal is to identify our soul between the finite and infinite.
  2. Samaj activities are moving along its usual course within its social and spiritual spheres. May god be always our guide in the Samaj activities.

Samaj observed Rammohun’s birth anniversary on 22nd May at the feet of Rammohun’s statue in Maidan with due solemnity. Garlands were offered by Sadharan Brahmo Samah and other Samaj’s and fellow institutions. There were songs by students of Brahmo Balika Shikshalaya, Montessori Section and prayers.

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