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Editorial – July 2018

It is the month of July. The monsoon has arrived in its full glory and fury. On one hand it has given a new life to the withered trees and plants, filled up the dried tanks, pools and water areas and recharged the underground waters. The newly sown paddy seedlings will be taken out by the farmers, men and women alike, and transplanted in acres and acres of paddy lands to be harvested after the golden autumn. This cycle in nature goes on and on. On me other hand, monsoon rains not only cools the air and the earth, the nights become pleasanter after the torrid summer, but it also destroy lives by sending thunderbolts on earth, specially in open fields where the farmers and the cattle grazers are victims. The roads, in villages, become at many places muddy slushy. In the urban areas, water-logging of even main thorough-fares cause untold misery to the commuters. Large areas become dark due to power disruption. The citizens accept the ordeal with stoic surrender. All these attributes, as Katho-Panisha says, are attributes of the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. The sun gives us light, fire gives us heat, rains come down and the wind flows – all at the unchallenged design of that one and only spirit who pervades the universe. Nature is merely his tools. Side by side he has blessed man with progressive intelligence and compassion for devising improved damage control mechanism to reduce death, destruction and distress for the suffering people.

  1. The month of July has a great significance for the freedom-loving citizen of U.S.A. and all over the world. On 4th July, 1776 the continental congress declared that the thirteen American Colonies were no longer colonies under the British crown. The U.S.A. citizens celebrate 4 th July every year to mark the walls day as the American Day of independence. We join this sage of human liberation.
  2. Now a few words of cheer for the Samaj, it members and people of Brahmo faith in general Sadharan Brahmo Samaj owns a Samaj temple with considerable walled area at Krishnagar in Nadia district of W. Bengal. The “Mandir building is in a dilapidated condition with the bare walls standing.

There are a number of large and valuable trees on the ground. It is covered with undergrowth and wild grass. The boundary walls are, however, standing up. The Secretary of the Samaj accompanied by two senior members of the executive committee paid a visit to the site. They inspected the land and the building. They had also a discussion with the local gentleman who keeps an eye on the property within his limitation. The Samaj building has been declared as a heritage building by Krishnanagar Municipal Authorities.

The Samaj members are actively considering a proposal for clearing the wild growth of vegetation in the Samaj area, take of reasonable repair and face-lift. They are also contemplating to hold a day-long ‘Utsava’ ceremony in the ‘Mandir’ which will inject a new lease of life to this heritage Samaj building and also to work out a way for future maintenance of this precious temple building and its precincts . We hope and pray that the new initiative becomes a success. We also request our readers and members to contribute freely to the Samaj fund for this renewed effort to give Krishnagar Samaj building a new look.

May God help us.

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