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Editorial – August 2018

The month of August is an eventful month for India both retrospectively and prospectively. Let us go back to 6th and 9th August of 1945. The most tragic events in recorded history in the world took place on 6th August and 9th August in 1945. Two large cities of Japan were totally devastated on these two days, — Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan by dropping Atom bombs, possibly, to hasten the end of the second world war with the surrender of Japan after the holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mankind can never forget the tragedy of the twin cities where lakhs of people died and those who survived suffered untold misery for generation to come. Let us remember with deep anguish and sorrow the tragic events and pray that mankind, in its wisdom, will never repeat this horror.

Let us come back to our own land. On 7th august 1941, 22nd Sravana according to the Bengali calendar one of the greatest sons of our soil, Rabindranath Thakur left us for his eternal abode. We humbly offer our respect to this departed soul

Let us now examine how we should look back. On 8th of August 1942 Late Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who led the freedom movement in India to oust 200 years of British Rule in our country gave his call, on behalf of the people of India “Quit India” while he and other leaders were held in jail by the British. This movement roused the entire country and eventually the British left India. India earned its freedom on 15th of August, 1947 Every year citizens of India, here and abroad, celebrate this great occasion with joy and grandeur with the tri-colour fluttering on every house top of the country, listen to the Prime  Minister of India all over the country and take pledges anew to keep this flag flying forever.

  1. Samaj is presently active in two directions. First is pursuing our writ petition in Kolkata High Court challenging the order of the State Minority Commission denying minority rights to Brahmo Samaj. The Publication wing of the Samaj is trying how best Samaj publications could be marketed if necessary, even in collaboration with private publishers. The step is in the right direction but utmost care should be taken to safeguard the interest of the Samaj in such joint ventures. Our best wishes to the publication wing in the matter.
  2. We started with the observation that the month of August is an eventful month. But for those who are of the Brahmo faith, the month of August is a hallowed and nostalgic too. Let us go back the early part of nineteenth century when Rammohun was disenchanted with Unitarian Mission.

Rev. Adams, a close friend of Rammohun was said to have suggested that Rammohun could open his own church. His young disciples, Chandra Sekhar Deb and Tarachand Chakraborty also expressed this unhappiness over the Unitarian faith. Rammohun took these ideas to his heart. The result was revolutionary. Rammohun opened his Brahmo Samaj on 6th Bhadra corresponding to 20th August, 1828, On that day Utsavanada Vidyabagish read texts from Upanishad Ramchandra Vidyabagish translated the prayers in Bengali. About 500 devotes were assembled. Rammohun himself was present. Brahmo Samaj started its odyssey and did not look back. We observe this day every year with joy and reverences ‘Bhadrotsaba’.

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