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NEWS – September 2018

190th Bhadrotsava at Sadharan Brahmo Samaj

190th Bhadrotsava was celebrated by Sadharan Brahmo Samaj from 21st to 25th August, 2018 with great zeal and enthusiasm. The inaugural programme of 190th Bhadrotsava was celebrated at Sadharan Brahmo Samaj on 4th Bhadra, 21st August, 2018 at 6 p.m. in Samaj Prayer Hall. At the beginning kirtan was rendered by Shri Supratim Chakraborty, Shri Sankar Prasad Mitra and Shri Narayan Bhattacharya. Thereafter the divine service was conducted by Smt. Kalyanmoyee Chattopadhyay. Hymns were rendered by Shri Supratim Chakraborty, Smt. Subrata Pal, Smt. Gargi Mitra, Shri Sankar Prasad Mitra, Smt. Manisha Bagchi, Smt. Sucharita Bhattacharya, Smt. Uma Bhowmick, Smt. Anita Basu, Dr. (Smt.) Ketaki Goswami, Smt Khuku Roy & Smt. Kakali Bhattacharya. Shri Dhananjoy Mishra assisted the choir by playing Khol/Tabla.

On 5th Bhadra, 22nd August 2018 Programme started with a short prayer offered by Sri Salil Kumar Hajra.

To observe 125th Birth anniversary of Prasanta Chadra Maholanobish, Samaj arranged lecture meeting on his life and work, the speaker was Prof. Prabal Choudhuri of Indian Statistical Institute and presided by Sri Amit Das.

Thereafter musical soiree was organised conducted by Smt. Rita Chakraborty, Mousumi Chatterjee and Kasturi Chakraborty.

On 6th Bhadra, 23rd August 2018, Foundation Day of Brahmo Samaj was observed with solemnity. After Kirtan conducted by Sri Supratim Chakravorty, Sri Debashis Roychowdhury occupied the pulpit and perform divine service. Hymns were conducted by Kaushik Dey, Rohini Roychowdhury and others. After divine service light refreshment was arranged.

On 7th Bhadra, 24th August 2018, Samaj remembered one of its founder Anada Mohon Bose with a lecture meeting. A short prayer was offered by Sri Asis Kumar Pain. Sri Dhiresh Chandra Nag spoke on the life and activities of Ananda Mohan Bose, this lecture meeting was presided by Sri Asis Kumar Pain.

On the last day of Bhadrotsava i,e, 8th Bhadra, 25th August 2018, Samaj remembered Atul Prasad Sen with “Autul Prasader Gaan”. Smt. Sutapa Rouchowdhury offered a short prayer followed by songs performed by Smt. Banani Dey, Sri Tapabrata Brahmachari and Brahmo Sangeet Sikhsa Kendra, conducted by Sri Samir Das.

* * *

185th Death Anniversary of Raja Rammohun Roy

The 185th Death Anniversary of Raja Rammohun Roy was observed by Sadharan Brahmo Samaj on 27th September’ 2018 through garlanding and prayer at the footstep of the statue of Raja Rammohun Roy near Fort William Water Gate at Kolkata maidan in association with Govt. of West Bengal and Calcutta Municipal Commission. The statue was given a floral decoration arranged by the Govt. of West Bengal. The prayer was offered by Smt. Jayashree Bhattacharya and the hymns befitting the occasion were sung by the students of Brahmo Balika Shikshalaya, Montessori section. Homage was paid by placing wraths by Sadharan Brahmo Samaj, Brahmo Sammmilan Samaj, Bharatvarsiya Brahmo Mandir, Harinavi Brahmo Samaj, Sadhanasram, Calcutta Congregation, Sadhanasram Seva Sansad, Brahmo Samaj Mahila Bhavan, Brahmo Samaj Library, Brahmo Teachers Training Institute, Brahmo Samaj Education Society and colleges under aegis of Brahmo Samaj Education Society.

In the evening a book titled “Rammohun Charcha” compiled and edited by Prof. Goutam Neogy was released by Prof. Sudin Chattopadhaya in the Prayer Hall of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj followed by a lecture meeting. Dr. Goutam Neogy took the chair. Arnab Nag spoke about this book and Prof. Sudin Chattopadhaya spoke on Rammohun Roy. Prayer was offered by Sutapa Roychowdhury and hymns were sung by Subrata Pal and her group.

* * *

99th Death Anniversary of Pandit Sivanath Sastri

The year 2019 marks the death centenary of one of the most prominent founders of the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj – Pt. Sivnath Sastri. The Samaj will be celebrating this event through a yearlong celebration – and what best than to kick off on 30th September – the death anniversary of Sivnath. The programme commenced with a service dedicated to him and this was followed up by a lecture discourse.

The service was conducted by Sri Amit Das. In the lecture meeting, Sri Amit Das presided the meeting and spoke about the contribution of Sivnath in the shaping of the society at large. Sri Sandip Dutta, a retired teacher of City Collegiate School – and a researcher on Sivnath spoke about his varied aspects and contribution to the spread of education. Sri Dutta mentioned that he felt privileged to work for an institution which was built by Sivnath Sastri. The speakers also delved on the character and determination of Sivnath and how his character was shaped by his father Haranath Bhattacharya – who was a very strict disciplinarian.

* * *

Bhadrotsav – 2018 at Delhi Brahmo Samaj

Brahmo Samaj Delhi observed 190th Bhadrotsav 2018 on Sunday, 19th August, 2018 at the Brahmo Samaj Delhi premises, 12, Vishnu Digambar Marg, New Delhi – 11000. Prayer was conducted by Sri. Sanjoy Chanda, President Brahmo Samaj Delhi and songs were done by Sm. Mahua Pramanik and group. The annual general body meeting of the Brahmo Samaj Delhi was held after the prayer service at the Samaj premises.

Brahmo Samaj Delhi has also started monthly prayer services from January 2018. These prayer services are being held every last Sunday of the month. Requesting everyone (present at Delhi) to join this prayer service regularly.

Pita Putra

Brahmo Samaj Delhi in association with Aanandadhara Gurugram conducted a function ‘Pita Putra’ on the occasion of Maharshi Debendranath Tagore’s 200th Birth Anniversary (15th May 2017) at the Multi Purpose Hall, India International Center, 40, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi-110003 on Sunday, 26 th August, 2018 from 6:30PM – 8:30PM.

Maharshi Debendranath Tagore and Rabindranath Tagore – father and son – Pita Putra. As part of Debendranath’s 200th Birth Anniversary – we observed him through Rabindranath’s reminiscences of his father.

Debendranath was a man of religion. He had devoted his life to spiritual pursuits. Pandit Sivanath Sastri said, “Maharshi Debendranath Tagore was… truly a successor of the great rishis of old”. But for this he had not left home and become a sanyasi. He carried out all his earthly duties towards his family and the society. He was an unusual combination of a conscientious householder and a sage. In him we find a co-existence of the worldly and the spiritual, the earthly and the heavenly.

It was only natural that Rabindranath was greatly influenced by his father. This we observe in his character, his literature, in his love of nature, his religiocity and his social consciousness. Extraordinary son of an extraordinary father.

The program was divided into two parts – Part-1: A tribute to Maharshi Debendranath Tagore through dance, song and storytelling based on the life sketches of Maharshi (45mins) and Part- 2: Dance Drama ‘Pujarini’ based on the poem of Rabindranath Tagore (45mins). Sri. Jayanta Ghosal, Chief Editor, Ananda Bazar Patrika, Delhi Edition, was the chief guest for the function. At the beginning of the program, customary lighting of lamps was done by Sri Jayanta Ghosal, Sri Sanjoy Chanda (President Brahmo Samaj Delhi), Sri Arup Kumar Das (Secretary Brahmo Samaj Delhi), Sm. Mahua Pramanik (Founder, Aanandadhara Gurugram) and Sri Sumit Chakravarty (Member Brahmo Samaj Delhi).

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