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Editorial – October 2019

It is the month of October we may wonder what is in a month. It is nothing. It is nothing but a convenient division of the flow of time Again, what is time? It has no physical existence like matter which we can perceive, analyse and use. Time is fundamentally a concept to set in order of events that happened to man in the past is happening in this instant and will happen in future. However whatever may be philosophy of time, our existence in terms of body and mind as bound within a time – frame. A month again is a convenient freedom of the eternal flow of time. Let us now shift from the abstract to the reality.

This month has been eventful this 2nd of October marked the 150th birth-day of late Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi of Porbandar in Gujrat whose spirit, struggle, leadership and messages to our Mohan changed the face of our motherland from the colonial rule to national freedom and he left the India struggle for freedom from the front Indian became independent in 1947. We pay our homage to the spirit of the father of the nation as we call him.


  1. This month is a month of religions festival specially for the Hindu Community all over the country first, among these is the celebration of goddess Durga (Durga Puja), specially in West Bengal the grandeur and glamour of the community worships (Sarbajanin Durga Puja) assumes the shape of carnivals with deep undertone of piety devotion and spirituality. The festive mood transcend the Hindu community with the participation of men women and children of all communities which extends beyond the boundaries of the state and the nation and reaches to overseas countries Again, Dusserah which falls on the 10th day of the new moon this month is also observed with due devotion throughout the country.


  1. Unfortunately, popular devotion sometimes turns in to mass frenzy of the devotees leading to disasters. This is what happened near an open field this month where a straw effigy of Ravana was being burnt, thousands of spectators were engrossed in the tally flames of the burning effigy of Ravana and colourful display of bond fireworks.

As the crowds swelled people were pushed back on to the bare railway tracks and a speeding mail train mowed down those on the tracks more than fifty people were crushed to death on the traces, a larger number were injured severely and were removed to the hospitals ex no words to explain this kind of human tragedy. Let us hope the concerned authorities will take effective steps to prevent similar accidents in the future. Our deep condolence to the members of the bereaved families


  1. Coming down to Samaj activities there should be a relative calm in between the dying embers of Bhadrotsaba and the coming Maghotsaba next January But that is not to be, because of the preparations for election to Samaj bodies for the next year intervene officials will be quite busy with this annual task which is exacting and requires serious application. We hope and pray that with dedication and hard work our Samaj brothers and sisters will rise to the occasion Let us recall the message given by Srikrishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra whatever you perform, whatever you consume, for whatever you fight, whatever you give away and on whatever you meditate – all should be dedicated to me (Srikrishna) Likewise we should dedicate all our thoughts and actions to our Eternal guide and master.


“Om Brahama Kripahi Kebalam”.

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