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Editorial – January 2019

First month of New Year is here. We welcome the New Year with new hopes, with great joy and unfinished tasks from of the previous year. Hopes lie there where we pool our visions collectively. True, the word ‘vision’ appears to be a bit pompous. But without a vision we soon lose our vigour and begin to trudge along the old beaten track. We all must pray to our Father to bestow new hopes in our hearts and greater strength in our arms at the beginning of a new year

2. The elections of the Samaj bodies will be over by this month. A new Executive body and a new General Committee will take over the reins. The Indian Messengers extends good wishes and blessings to them.

3. The month of January is synonymous with the month of ‘Utsab’ for those who believe in and follow the tenets of Brahmo faith. No, it is not the whole truth. The collective festive mood mingled with piety and devotion spreads its unique splendor of “Maghotsava” and builds an atmosphere which is both pristine and new as ever

This month on 26th January or Republic Day will also be celebrated because on 26th January, 1952 Indian Union was declared as a Sovereign Democratic Republic to remember the Lahore Congress at Lahore in 1928 when Indian National Congress voiced the demand for complete freedom of India from the British Colonial Rule. At the other end, we recall 30th January, 1948 with deep sorrow and grief when Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, the Father of the Nation fell by the cruel bullets of on assassin.

4. We, on behalf of “The Indian messenger” extend our greetings to all our readers, contributor and well-wishers on the eve of the “Maghotsava” ‘Brahma Kripahi Kebalam’

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