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Editorial – February 2019

A new month. Months roll into years, years into decades and decades into centuries. The process is endless. Likewise, space is always undergoing changes within; matters are being destroyed and re-built in an unending process of spatial alteration. However for us, believers in One Supreme Authority, who is the driving force behind the changes in the universe reigns in His all-pervading glory holds the reigns of this timeless phenomenon. The more we try to unravel the mystery behind these changing phenomena more we are bemused. So we must look up to our Omniscient father for enrichment of both knowledge and faith.

2. The season of festivals or ‘utsaba’s is almost over. Those of us who were fortunate to participate in one place or the other in one way or another are blessed. Those who could not, to them offer our warm greetings of ‘Maghotsaba’. But let us not slide back to mere reminiscences till the next year’s celebrations arrive. There should be a continuous resonance in our hearts so that we can give a better account of ourselves before our ‘Utsaba Debata’ in the coming year.

3. For the past several years Samaj has been opening a stall during the annual Kolkata Book fair which is of international repute.  We are glad to learn that this year very good number of books and publications sold and also the sales figure have gone up. This is one heartening feature of Samaj activities. Another good news is that Samaj, would be holding a day-long ‘Utsab’ in the premises of Krishnanagar Brahmo Samaj in Nadia district of West Bengal, The messenger offers its best wishes in advance for the occasion, after decades of interval.

The annul Brahmotsaba of Konnagar Brahmo Samaj would be celebrated with devotion and joy on 25th February at Konnagar. The Mandir would look fresh, clean and quiet. The prayer and songs will hearten the devotees who would be present.

4. There is a general feeling among the Brahmos that the different units of the Samaj, especially those located in Kolkata and its suburbs lack in communication and combined participation. We should exchange our ideas and thoughts more frequently and try for greater participative activities. This will benefit all of us.

5. As usual the annual election of a new general body, a new executive committee and new office bearers were held at the end of last month. They are new in position. The messenger conveys its greeting to the new body.

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