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Editorial – March 2019

We have entered the month of March though usually this month is associated with spring of season but we usually get the taste of real summer heat which is not far away. But this year we are having a really mild weather with touches of clouds and soft’s rains. Let us be thankful to the nature even for such small mercies.

2. Now we would like to go into a glimpse of ‘Kenopanishad’ where if says, among other profound ideas.

“উত্তিষ্ঠত জাগ্রত প্রাপ্য বরান নিবোধত। ক্ষুরস্য ধারা নিশিতা দুরত্যয়া দুর্গং পথস্তৎ কবয়ে বদন্তি ॥“

Before going into its meaning,  I may be permitted to a real life event connected with this great saying. We know that Christopher Isherwood was a German author and philosopher who migrated from USA during the second world-war. Now Somerset Mangham, the great English author had completed a new novel for which he was searching for a suitable title. He approached another great man of letters Aldous Huxley for a suitable name for Mangham’s latest  book . Mangham, who was interested in Vedic Scriptures, wanted to know the idea contained in the above famous sloka “ক্ষুরস্য ধারা”

Regrettably Huxley was equally unfamiliar with Sanskrit. However, he suggested that he would consult Isherwood who was conversant with Sanskrit scriptures. Huxley got in touch with Isherwood. Christopher Isherwood replied that it was a famous line from ‘Kenopanishad’ and it meant that sages had observed that ‘the path to realisation is as perilous a sharp razor’s edge”. Only those who were blessed with God’s grace, would be favoured with such revelation, Somerset Mangham titled his now book ‘Razor’s Edge’ and it became a best seller

3. Let us now move to Samaj activities. Samaj organised a day-long ‘utsab’ at Krishnagar Brahmo Samaj after a long period, In the meantime, as usually happens, indifferent management and lack of funds led to almost total destruction of the temple building and the surrounding greeneries were  ravaged . Tall trees were felled and taken away by unidentified intruders and the boundary wall severely damaged. But by hard and sincere efforts of Samaj members and assistance from the district administration, the green areas within the Krishnanagar Samaj area have been moderately restored. On Saturday the 16th of March this month, by serious efforts of the Samaj members and well-wishers, a day-long ‘utsab’ was held there. Devotional songs, prayer by the acharya and brief reminiscences of the past days filled the hearts of those who had cared to join. We paid our grateful obeisance to our Allmighty without whose grace, nothing could have been achieved. We came back not only with sweet memories but with a pledge to return here next year for repeat celebration. May God help us.

4. Now to some mundane topics which are of national importance. Fresh election of the Lok Sabha along with elections to some Vidhan Sabhas after a 5 years period are to be held in next April – May spell.  In spite of all deficiencies we are both proud and grateful that our citizens eagerly await and seriously respond to this event which is vitally important for upholding the strong traditions of our democratic society. As citizens of a free nation we should discharge our duties for electing a new body for running the affairs of the nation. Truth must prevail.

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