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Editorial – June 2019

We are almost in the middle of the year. But a question arises in the mind.

Does it really Matter? Upanishad says:

নাভিনন্দেত মরণং নাভিনন্দেত জীবিতম্কালমেব প্রতীক্ষেত নির্দেশং ভূতকে যথা

Do not welcome death, nor welcome life. Wait for the appointed time as the servant waits for the masters bidding. But it does not mean that ascetic renunciation will be our aim in life. Our father has sent us to this wonderful world to fulfil certain goals as ordained by Him surely not to live the life of a recluse. At the same time, our path is never strewn with flowers. There will be thorn under our feet and lighting and thunder clops all around. But we should never lose heart. With Divine grace, and faith and courage within, we will fulfil our task on this earth and depart with a song on our lips. As a true believer we should never allow our hearts to be darkened by black clouds of doubts and dismay.

2. This month of June is terribly hot all over North India, West Bengal being not excluded. Scores of people have died all over the country specially, in the state of Bihar. We in spite of progress of civilisation, enormous advancement of science and technology and exchange of knowledge at global level, feel helpless in this annual onslaught of nature’s fury. We must however on the basis of our available information and resources try to combat this widespread menace and prevent wastage of water and plant life in any form.

3. The death of a patient in one of the medical colleges in Kolkata, and subsequent fury of the deceased’s family and outside elements, on the attending junior doctors causing serious injury to a doctor or two resulted in complete collapse of me decal services not only at the affected hospital and college, but in the entire state Government colleges and hospitals all over West Bengal. We need not sit in value Judgment. We can only hope and pray that good sense will prevail soon and the impasse will be over (It is heartening to note that the impasse has been amicably resolved and Govt. Hospitals all over the state have returned to normalcy. Good sense has returned to both sides.)

4. In the last meeting of the building Sub-committee of the Samaj, the present status was reviewed. The resident Brahmo gentleman residing at Baniban Balya Bhavan with his wife is co-operative and generally supervising the affairs there.

There was a proposal for essential repairs of the building. Reopening of the ‘Balya Bhavan’ (the orphanage) was actively considered. The details will be placed at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The other usual activities of the Samaj were duly pursued. Bhadrotsab is not very close nor it very distant. May the hearts of the devotees be prepared for this great occasion.

Let us offer our devoted salutation to our ‘Parameswar’.  

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