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Editorial – July 2019

They say man is mortal. But this observation is valid only in the narrow confines of our existence on the earth which is just one of the satellites of the sun which is the only source of energy to keep the life, as we know it, going.

This is not a great idea. This is a mere truism. Not only this. In spite of all our vanity that there has been a vast advancement of knowledge since the time of recorded history, our vision is poor. Let us forget rhetoric pain and pleasure, space and time and, above all, the purpose behind the entire creation. We shall examine the last item.

Who gave us the authority to seek answers to all our questions? Only the ultimate authority who presides over the universe – both known and unknown – will decide what to know and when to know. Let us therefore, drown all our audacious questions in the humble drops of tears from our inner eyes.

2. India is a strange land. We are citizens of a sovereign, secular, democratic republic. Let us mark the word “secular”. This enjoins that our elected representatives will run the affairs of the country without any consideration of castes, creeds, races and the practice of religion, excepting for some special provisions in the constitutions in order to safeguard the weaker sections of the society. Strangely enough the people of India are mostly deeply religions. God, whether He is without any form and boundless and pervades our body, mind and soul, and is beyond any physical or spiritual boundary, as perceived by mankind, or He (or she) appears before our eyes in innumerable forms, is very much an intrinsic part of our body, mind and maybe, our soul if we so believe. Even a staunch atheist or iconoclast cannot wish God or his manifestations away, the moment he denies His existence. Let us leave it here.

Now in India, in real life, Gods and Goddesses and even God-incarnates are worshipped at hundreds of temples, mosques, churches and at their holy shrines. But mind would not. The disciple asks the Master  “স ভগবঃ কস্মিন্ প্রতিষ্ঠিত ইতি। স্বে মহিয়ি।“                 

Q: Where does God exist?

A: He exists in His Own universal glory.

Let us in all humility accept, this ultimate truth.

3. On 21st July our Samaj ceremonially published the 10th volume of ‘Brahma Sengeet Swaralipi” after a short prayer and this was followed by devotional songs. 4. Another landmark achievement for Indian Space Odyssey ”Chandrayan 2”  which was sent to space for deeper survey of the north pole of moon which has not yet been explored. It has already been placed in its space orbit.  The Journey will take 48 days. Salute to our space scientists. May our universal Father be with them.

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