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Flooring of Samaj Prayer Hall

In recent times, we have noticed that there has been a trend to monger rumors and mislead the members of the Samaj with false statements related to repair / renovation work – especially the flooring of prayer hall in particular. This has been orchestrated by a handful of individuals with a motive to demean present committee members. This type of attitude is not only unfortunate but also deplorable. The Committee feels it necessary to report the facts for the knowledge of all honourable members and well-wishers.

The then Executive Committee of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj took decision in 2013 to repair the floor of the prayer hall which was already damaged and during the rainy season water seeped in. It was decided to lay the stone in entire floor with an estimated cost of approximately Rs. 6 lakhs.  Appeals were made through the Samaj’s mouthpiece – The Indian Messenger from April 2013 to gather donation for this job. Some members and well-wishers donated generously for this purpose. But the work was not initiated even after two years. Publication of the appeal also stopped from April 2015 for some unknown reason.  Donation received for particular purpose was not refunded to the donors also. There was complete silence on this matter for next three years, while the deterioration of floor continued in its own pace.

The new Executive Committee formed in March 2018 reaffirmed to make renewed appeal for donations and to commence repairing job. In October 2018 on getting clearance in the Executive Committee meeting, renovation of floor started in earnest with an aim to complete a portion of the prayer hall to make it usable before the visit of the delegates of All India Brahmo Conference scheduled on 25th November 2018 and complete entire job before 189th Maghotsava in January 2019.

The work was progressing as per plan. However, this most probably, did not go well with a certain handful of members, whose numbers are miniscule. With a motive to somehow stop this work, concealing their name and address, one member even sent letter to Kolkata Municipal Corporation Heritage Department falsely stating that the inside structure of the prayer hall, which is a heritage structure, was being demolished. This was totally false and misleading information that was provided to the authorities. Although letter was given seeking permission from Heritage Department, upon request from Kolkata Municipal Corporation, the work was temporarily stalled for the inspection by the authorities. It was quite unfortunate that we could not inaugurate the floor during the 189th Maghotsava as planned. All members must have noticed incomplete flooring during this year’s Maghotsava celebration.

Appeal for donation was made afresh in The Indian Messenger and QR Coded leaflet was also circulated during the 189th Maghotsava, to collect donations on the spot and maintain transparency. Members and well-wishers of Samaj responded generously after visualizing the progress and fresh donations were being received again. It was our honour to receive donations from Brahmos who are residing in different countries.

It is our pleasure to inform the members that after a few months Samaj received formal clearance from Kolkata Municipal Corporation and successfully completed remaining work before 191st Bhadrotsava celebration in August 2019.

Synopsis of works carried out in course of completing flooring of prayer hall.

  • Removing all benches from prayer hall for repair work.
  • Dismantling damaged cemented floor area about 2800 sqft (out of 3300 sqft. of total floor area around 500 sqft of pulpit area have been left out for covering with carpet donated by a well-wisher) 
  • Filling entire area with stone chips and mortar of 2.5” – 3” thickness.
  • Laying white marble and black stone on total floor.
  • Polishing and cleaning floor area
  • Replace all benches in its original position – returning the prayer hall to its as is conidition.
  • Removing debris from the Samaj premises.

Maintaining reasonable quality of material and workmanship, to complete all activities total expenses was Rs. 4.87 lac which is lower than what was estimated 5 years back. We again humbly request all members and well-wishers for their support.

We also believe that with your support, Samaj will be able to complete many more such works to preserve several heritage structures under its possession.

May God help us! Satyameva Jayate – Truth will prevail!!

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