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Editorial – Jan to May 2020

The world has been going through unusual times since November 2019, when it is believed that the first case of SARS-Corona -2 now infamously known as the dreaded COVID, has been detected in the Wuhan Province of the People’s Republic of China. The virus has quickly spread, invading the unsuspecting world, wrecking havoc in its wake and turning life upside down. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a pandemic as one country after another has fallen prey to it. Normal life has been brought to a standstill as movements across borders and even localities have been suspended, fragmenting the global village into isolated islands. 

As the year 2019 was about to complete its journey and we were expecting to step into the new one with hope, the entire human race came face to face with an unprecedented challenge. Like all such testing times, our recent experiences taught us to introspect. In spite of all the advancements in technologies of our civilised world, we were rendered helpless to effectively tackle the scourge. Even the expert state machineries across the world could not contain the extent of this devastation and loss of precious human lives.

This is perhaps the right opportunity to reflect back on the times that have gone by and reconsider the merits of our worldly achievements. As soon as the march of our advanced civilisation has been brought to a grinding halt, Nature has reclaimed its lost ground. With the slowing down of the pace of life the human race has found the much needed opportunity to search for the human values that have long remained buried under the colossal civilised ambitions. Just as the pandemic has caste its ghastly shadow on the human race, shaking it to its roots, it is showing signs of coming under control, as we are gradually learning to live with the “New Normal”. Amongst this calamitous time extraordinary acts of kindness and the camaraderie of the ordinary people that have time and again dispelled the gloom around us. However, it has left us with many challenges with the slowing down of economic activities across the globe and the loss of livelihood for a large number of populations who are severely affected by the lockdown.

We are starting to get adjusted to a very different world order. At this juncture we offer our sincerest thanks to the indomitable courage of the front-line workers who have risked their lives to protect us from this evil spell. They are our doctors, health workers, the police and armed forces, the municipal workers, cleaners and volunteers. Many have lost their precious lives in the services to mankind. We bow down to their supreme sacrifice and express our greatest appreciation for not only the frontline warriors who have braved the pandemic, risking their lives, but also those unsung heroes and philanthropic organisations who have offered their unflinching support to the suffering masses. We also remember all those whom we know and who are dear to us. May our Maker give us the strength to face life as it comes with fortitude and equanimity, care and compassion.

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