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Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s Birthday – 22nd May, 1772

A story about Raja Rammohan Roy

Presented by Debanjan Roy

Source: Author: Shashibhushan Basu, “Raja Rammohan Roy”, Language: Bengali

There was a garden adjoining Rammohan Roy’s house. A Brahmin used to come from this garden every day to pick flowers for the worship of the deity. One day while picking flowers, he put his clothes on a branch of a tree and started picking flowers. At that time, a servant of Rammohan Roy put aside the clothes of the Brahmin. When the Brahmin finished plucking up flowers, the Brahmin came back to take his clothes and began to look around. 

Rammohun Roy called the Brahmin and asked him the reason why he was wandering around the garden and what he was searching for. When the Brahman explained the reason, Raja assured him, “You do not have to worry about it. Even if you lose it, you will get another one.” Saying this, Rammohun Roy engaged in religious discussions with him and motioned to one of his servants to bring the clothes.

At the Raja’s behest, the servant brought back the garment and returned it to the Brahmin. Raja then asked the Brahmin, “Are you now satisfied?”

The Brahmin said, “Why should I be satisfied with something which I already possess?”

Then the Raja looked at the decorated flowers and said, “Whose flowers are these?”

The Brahmin said, “These belong to the Supreme Lord.”

Then Rammohun said, “If the flowers belong to the Supreme Lord, then why should he be satisfied if you offer him his flowers?” 

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