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Editorial – April 2021

We are again at the beginning of another new year. Philosophically time has no beginning and no end. However, for us mortals, time does begin and end, for our mortal journey through life. We count our time in years, months, weeks and even in hours, minutes and seconds.

April is the month when a year in the Bengali calendar and also in many other regional ones of our country, comes to an end and a new one begins its journey with newer promises. In this context I would like to share a wonderful idea that I have read about, comes to my mind. It comes from a beautiful book entitled “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. He drew his inspiration while attending a business meeting. When asked to name the richest land in the world, the audiences named the oil-rich Gulf States or African Diamond mines. The real answer sought by the Director was ‘the cemetery’! He argued that so many people who lie buried there had carried so many brilliant and valuable ideas that could have benefitted the human race had they come to fruition. Hence all these ideas were also buried there to make it such a rich land. So the idea of this book is ‘Do not go to your grave and carry inside you the best that you have. Always choose to die empty.” Similarly a year dies empty if we can fulfil all our commitments, give shape to our positive ideas to make this world a better place. Otherwise it goes away with much of the promises that it is born with remaining without seeing the light of the day.

Therefore, it is better to ‘die empty of all the goodness that is within’ by delivering the best we have in us to the world. At the beginning of a new year let us pledge:

If we have an idea, let us perform it.

If we have any knowledge, let us share it.

If we have set a goal, let us achieve it.

Let us love, share and distribute, and not keep them bottled up.

Let us begin to give away and spread every atom of goodness that is within us.

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