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Editorial – April 2018

Recently we have received an article with spiritual contents from a contributor, and we intend to publish it. Since our journal is in English there should not be any linguistic barrier for our brothers, sisters outside this state. We rather, welcome such contributions from outside. The topics need not be restricted to religious or spiritual thoughts, only thing is that these should be consistent with the ideals of Brahmo faith and do not be hurtful for our readers and admirers.

Summer heat is trespassing with intervening spells of nor-westers bringing some relief. But like everything else on earth, there are not unmixed blessings. Nature, on one hand, makes our lives pleasant but on the other hand, sometimes creates havoc in its trail. This happened during the month when storms hit large parts of West Bengal including Kolkata resulting in the loss of human lives and innumerable trees spread over the entire area across which the storm journeyed. Our consolation for the bereaved families and prayers for speedy recovery of the injured victims.

There has been a huge loss of standing trees which grew up over the years with human care. But there is also some virtue in this disaster. Human efforts at every level will be re-engaged in new plantations in the storm – ravaged areas on much wider and mindful scales taking lessons from the disaster from the beginning of recorded time we had observed that advancement of human civilisation has always been a competition between human ingenuity and nature’s fury. We believe that our Eternal Father always wanted it in this manner. Let us renew our faith in Him.

Samaj celebrated ‘Barshasesh’ and ‘Naba Barsha’ with devotion, joy, prayers, songs and music.

On 29th of the month we observed, ‘Buddha Jayanti’ and the 175th birthday of late Dwarakanath Ganguly a courageous Brahmo warrior who fought for social reforms including liberation of women from age-old social and religious bondage. We pay our deepest respect to the memory of ‘Buddha Deb’ and Dwarakanath Ganguly on these occasions. We also take this opportunity to convey our greetings of the Bengali New Year (Naba Barsha) to our readers admires and patrons.

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