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Editorial – December 2018

The month of December is a month of nostalgia – the passing away of a year with its baggage of good and bad events, a month of joy and merriments for celebrating the ‘Baradin’ or Christmas for people of all over the world, transcending the Christian community and expectations for the new year. We also offer our deep reverence to the memory of the great religious leader and martyr Jesus christ. The expectations are for the coming New Year and what it will bring for us. For us of the Brahmo faith the expectations for the ‘ Maghotsava’ next January in the new year which comes on 26th January of the new year.

2. The last month of the year is also a month of retrospection on our part – what we received or delivered during the year, or where we failed individually or collectively during the year. Two events come to our mind – one over a period and the other instantaneous. The devastating floods in the state of Kerala – worst in hundred year brought untold misery and considerable loss of life. At the same time the entire nation,  individually or collectively extended its hand of help to suffering thousands of people  in the hour of distress, in bringing succor to the people of Kerala who fought the calamity with great courage and fortitude.

The other incident which occurred in the month of October in Punjab which we recollect with horror and deep anguish, during Dusserah fireworks in a ground in Punjab close to an open railway track. There was a total dislocation when the festive mass pushed back the crowd on to the railway track and speeding locomotives ran over them causing severe loss of life and injury. Words are too meager to describe this calamity. Our only prayer is that the people and the administrative machinery would take guard against such disaster in future.

3. 7th day of the Bengali month of Poush was observed in remembrance of Maharshi Debendranath at Santiniketan .The day was observed in our Samaj also with due solemnity.

4. The Samaj executives are busy during the month in conducting the election of a new Executive Committee and the General Committee for the coming year. Our thanks to the members of outgoing committees and welcome for the coming bodies of the Samaj. May god bless them all.

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