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Emergence of mankind in the evolutionary process of life is a spectacular phenomenon. It is neither accidental, nor incidental, but an intentional directive act of God (Iswara) as indicated in the following scriptural Statements, though the mechanism apparently seem to be structured in the framework of evolutionary cycle.

He (God), Desired: “May I Become many”, (Taittiriyopanishad Brahmanavallt VI)

All activities are carried out by Brahmana

 “Oh! Peaceful one, before creation, all this universe was, in the form of one, non-man endowed with intellect is unique of all beings, including Gods (Devtas). Reality (Parabrahma) manifests as Existence – Consciousness – Bliss (Sat-Cit-Ananda). Existence and Consciousness are two aspects of the same, just like ‘obverse and reverse’ of a coin, in fact existence is only the other side revealed aspect of consciousness.

Bliss is the awareness of self-existence. In true sense consciousness of being is bliss. God (iswara) is the material cause of this world and life fauna on it. Vedic scriptures laid down fourfold aspiration (chaturvidha purusartha) viz;

  1. Socio-Political (Dharma),
  2. Economical (Artha),
  3. Legitimate desires for objects (Kama),
  4. Release from the Bondage of cyclic life of birth and death, called as punarjanma (Moksa).

As the framework for the smooth passage of human life on the path of enfoldment of human consciousness, so leading its merging (moksa-Sayuyujayta) in God, Parabrahma; thus braking up the transmigration cycle (Punarjanma). Society at any time prescribes certain laws and regulations as code of conduct to earn means (Artha) to fulfill his legitimate desires (Kama), the social system thus, provides conducive environment to unfold man’s personality to perfection.

Plants, animals, men and other fauna, constitute an interdependent and integral part of echo-system of the planet earth and its environment. It is unique and providential that only planet earth in the entire solar system supports life. Man evolutes, supported and strengthen by the Bio-Echo system, to highest peak-Level, endowed with mind and intellect, which enables him to express the three dimensions of Reality – Parabrahma, viz Existence – Consciousness – -Bliss. (Sat-Cit-Ananda) Unlike man, the other members of Bio-echo–system of the planet earth, that is the inorganic matter like stones etc, can manifest only as existence, when the other two dimensions Consciousness and Bliss remaining as dormant organic matter like planets can express as existence and rudimentary conscience. While the animal fauna is built structurally, to express existence and conscience, progressively on the ladder of evolutionary cycle, but it is given to man alone to manifest all three dimensions or reality i,e, Existence,– Consciousness and Bills (Sat-Cit-Ananda) to full blossom supported by the other members of life-fauna of Bio-echo-system. Thus, all constituents of echo-system are threaded on the sting of Godly-divinity, as revealed by scripture in the following lines.

There is nothing else besides me Arjuna. Like clusters of yarn beads formed by knots on a thread, all this is threaded on me. Following are the implications on the above stated promises –

(1) Every individual in the society should strive and take actions that lead him or her to enfoldment of consciousness to its perfection, called in vedic parlance as Moksa, the release from the painful cycle of birth and death. It is in the nature of universal self-consciousness.

(2) The activities proposed to achieve the stated objective are two by nature of secular Purtha and sacred ISTA. The sacred activities are directly related to promote universal or cosmic consciousness. They are in the nature of —-

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Self-control and self-discipline
  4. Observing, celibacy (Brahmacharya)
  5. Non-violence to all life (Ahimsa)
  6. Truthful life.

The secular activities are auxiliary and social in nature and are conducive to help in the enfoldment of universal or cosmic consciousness by stages (Krama-Mukti); that is in the beginning they help the person to obtain heavenly comforts in heaven after death and also after rebirth provides suitable environment on the earth for progressive evolution on the ladder of consciousness, leading to cosmic consciousness or Moksa, such activities are

  1. Helping other members in the society who are in need of succour.
  2. Constructing hospitals
  3. Digging wells and tanks
  4. Constructing shelters for the needy;
  5. Distributing food, water, clothes etc.
  6. Tree-Plantation, soil water conservations
  7. Other social-cultural activities that helps the individual in enriching his material and spiritual welfare and well being.

In the present context, it is to be however, understood that spirituality and mysticism deal and are directly concerned with reality, Parabrahma and transcendental in nature. While character, morality, ethical behavior, Public service, Religious activities, are concerned with social life and social behavior, with a politico-economic system, spirituality encompasses them all, as essential ingredients to be developed and practiced to enrich the secular life.

The import of ten quoted public statement ‘’manava Seva madhava seva” (service to man is serving the God), needs to be understood cautiously, in the light of analysis indicated before.

NOTE : Human mind is responsible to everything. It may be suffering or happiness. Here of now the human being created heaven or hell by their own action, not by others. Human beings are the creator of their destiny.

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