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191st Maghotsava Programme of Sadharan Brahmo Samaj

20th January, 2021 (6th Magh, 1427)

6:30 PM Worship through Songs

Prayer  :  Sourav De  &  Hymns : Conducted by Supratim Chakrabarty

23rd January, 2021 (9th Magh, 1427)

Mahila Utsav (Women’s gathering)

10:00 AM  Baitalik

10:30 AM Divine Service by Sunanda (Rakhi) Roy Choudhuri

Hymns : Ladies of Brahmo Samaj

24th January, 2021 (10th Magh, 1427)

Nagar Sankirtan – Conducted by Supratim Chakrabarty

6:30 PM Utsav of Calcutta Congregation

Service : Sourav De  &  Hymns: Conducted by Supratim Chakrabarty

25th January, 2021 (11th Magh,1427)

Brahma Mandir Foundation Day

9:00 AM  Kirtan – Conducted by Supratim Chakraborty

9:30 AM  Baitalik

10:30 AM  Divine Service by Sanjib Mukherjee

Hymns : Conducted by Koushik De

3:30 PM  Combined Divine Service at Maharshi Bhavan

Udbodhan: Salil Hajra – Sadharan Brahmo Samaj

Aaradhana: Sunanda (Rakhi) Roychowdhury – Brahmo Sammilan Samaj

Nibedan: Sourav De – Bharatbarshiya Brohmo Mandir

Hymns: Baitanik

28th January, 2021 (14th Magh, 1427)

6:30PM Santivachan (Conclusion)

Service : Tapabrata Brahmachari

Hymns : Conducted by Tania Ghosh

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