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Editorial – January 2021

We are at the beginning of a New Year, full of hope and expectations. Every year we look forward to the Maghotsava, a very nostalgic moment made sweet with fond memories and a wonderful way to renew our bonds of friendship and love. It brings to our mind the old familiar faces who are no more, generations who have come before us and have instilled the Brahmo ideals in us.  This is therefore a time to rediscover ourselves, a time to introspect.

Our faith allows us to contemplate about the Supreme Being in our own way and find our personal modes of communication with our Maker. However, when we meet in a congregation our combined prayers and the devotional songs lift our souls and a sense of happy togetherness pervades our minds. If the individual prayer leads us to our spiritual fulfilment, the congregational worship of the One, True Being seals the bond of brotherhood and camaraderie.

Unfortunately, this year we are prevented from meeting freely during the Maghotsava due to the unprecedented situation we are going through since large gatherings are still not permitted. The Maghotsava celebrations are being planned keeping that in mind. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. It has been arranged that a prayer meeting will also be arranged over the virtual platform for those who will not be able to be present at the various prayer halls in person. Every year there are many who cannot reach the Samajes due to old age or infirmity. Fortunately for them this new form of congregational prayer will be a golden opportunity to reconnect and participate.

We hope that 2021 brings a new awakening of our minds. Brahmoism is not just a religion. It is something more – a spiritual quest. This Maghotsava let us resolve to come together to strengthen our beliefs and gather our countrymen around a Common Fountainhead of Faith in One True God whose love pervades our life, irrespective of differences in religion, creed, class and gender. It overflows the mighty humans to the smallest of the beings in this creation.

Let the dreams of our founders be realised in our actions. Much of the ideals of Brahmoism are enshrined in the Constitution of India. Let us also pledge to uphold our Constitution in letter and spirit.

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