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Letters to the Editor (April 2021)

Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

The last two issues of the IM came as a breath of fresh air, being enriched by two articles by Dr. Kundu Mukherjee and Rita Bhimani. I hope to see more such articles. 

The IM is still living in the past (as is the Samaj itself). A lot of hard work and planning must go in before it can become relevant to the present day. For that, its contents have to become relevant to the issues that concern us here and now. 

A small beginning appears to have been made. Best wishes for that. Sincerely yours, Rupnarayan Bose ( Mar 14, 2021-03-29

Dear Mr. Bose

Thank you for your feedback. Our present aim is to try to record some of the past that has been forgotten. It is worth documenting them for posterity, especially as a sense of our history. At the same time we would welcome more contributions on topics of present relevance from our readers. That will definitely enrich our effort. Editor.

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