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Relevance of Brahmo Ideals in Today’s World – The Brahmo Way of Life (Part -2)

By Keshab Chand Challa

Every Brahmo should first study, understand, practice and live according to the core principles of Brahmo Samaj without any deviation.  

1.  Brahmos should have strong belief in the existence of an all- perfect God, who is the ONE and ONLY  ONE and the Origin, Preserver  and the ultimate of the Universe, and has no shape or body. Brahmos should treat all humankind as equal, as Brahmo Samaj is a religious Brotherhood, a fellowship of faiths and a World Community of liberal and progressive religious thinkers. They should try to bring about spiritual unity and religious brotherhood among people of all religions, who believe in One God, by having common worship of common God with a spiritual aspiration in tune with the intention of the founder of Brahmo Samaj. This is possible by lifting the concept of God and the way of worship above all traditions, dogmas, creeds and rituals. It may be noted that among the people of every religion, there are beliefs and practices, elaborate ritualism, dogmatism, superstitions, outmoded customs, inhuman traditions contrary to pure Theism. So in tune with the ideals of our Founder, it is necessary to unite people of different faiths through heart-union in a common monotheistic worship. The souls have to be rescued from dogmatism, sectarianism and superstitions. To achieve this, we have to apply Rationalism and Humanism.

2.  Brahmos should believe in the immortality of the soul, in the necessity and efficacy of   spiritual worship and in the moral accountability of man. The soul is that part of our being through which we are in contact with the Infinite. We believe that Soul does not die with the death of our body. If God is forever, the soul is also forever.  It is immortal. We also believe that Man is fully responsible for his moral conduct.

3.  Brahmos should acknowledge the fatherhood of God, Brotherhood of man and in the kinship of all creation of Love. We should deal with all sorts  of people without distinction and  shall behave and conduct ourselves in an orderly sober religious and devout manner. Brahmos should perform good deeds. Through these good deeds, one can serve God .We should try to promote charity, morality, piety, benevolence, virtue and strengthen the bonds of union between men of all religions and creed.

4.  Brahmos should hold that no created object or person is to be prayed as God. No book or Prophet is to be accepted as the sole and infallible source of truth. The Trust Deed says that no graven image statue or sculpture, carving, painting, picture, portrait or the likeness of anything shall be admitted within the ‘Mandir’. We may extend the same to our houses also as far as possible for worship. In conducting the worship and adoration, no object, animate or inanimate shall be recognized as an object of worship by any man either in preaching, prayer or in the hymns or other mode of worship. To love God whole-heartedly and to do his will inspired by the love of God, constitutes true worship. No offerings or sacrifices are necessary for divine worship.  The voice of God in the heart of man is the true scripture. No book, no saying of any person, is to be regarded as infallible and as the sole means of salvation. But truth is to be reverently accepted from all scriptures. Besides, we have to study reverently the vast book of nature as well as books on Science, Philosophy, Literature and History and gather knowledge from them for our spiritual welfare.

5.  Brahmos should hold that no mediator is to be recognized between God and man. They should believe in natural and universal revelation. Truth is ours where ever it is. God is our only Guru or unfailing guide who speaks in the heart. All saints and sages of all ages and who have ever tried to further the progress of man are our teachers. But no man is to be regarded as an infal1ible guide.

6.  In judging the right and wrong, Brahmos should have the right to use their reason and conscience and with this principle of Self determination, they should accept the good.

7.  Brahmos should cultivate the exercise of spiritual worship and prayerfully endeavour to live by these beliefs and ideals. We should resolve to perform all domestic ceremonies in our families from birth to death according to the principles of Brahmo Samaj, by inviting relatives and friends. By observing these Brahmo functions, at least some of them might be attracted towards these principals.

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