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Relevance of Brahmo Ideals in Today’s World – The Brahmo Way of Life (Part -5)

By Keshab Chand Challa

IsavaasyaBrahmanyam (vaajasaneyaSamhita- 40 th Chapter of Yajurvedam ) Clearly explains the concept of God and how we should live and behave in this world. This chapter summarises God’s words to the humanity in the most mystic language with enormous length, breadth and depth. The entire creation is inhabited by all-pervading and omnipresent God. One should enjoy the world with the underlying idea that every object of enjoyment will have to be renounced one day. We should never be greedy.

The second mantra says that we must perform karma without expecting any reward and gradually learn to performing nishkama karma – disinterested action. Thus, we will never be let down. 3. There are people in the world who choose to live in darkness, being ignorant. They will reap the rewards of pain and misery in the present and future life, too. 4. One who runs after things in the world doesn’t get Him. However, one who sits (and meditates upon Him) is bestowed upon the bliss by the beloved God, called Matarisva. His worthy children develop a deep insight that they see all the beings within God. 

One should regard oneself under restriction to follow the rules of society calculated to promote the well being of all, while following the rules of individual welfare all should be free. The secret of successful life is to acquire both material sciences and spiritual sciences together at the same time. The former offer temporal benefits leading to the longevity of life, whereas the latter gives rise to permanence including the immortal bliss. We do not have to seek spiritual knowledge in high mountains and deep valleys. It needs to be explored right within us.

There are two definite paths followed by many types of humans – the noble and crooked paths. The former are difficult and unattractive but the rewards are immense though they come very late. The latter paths are attractive and bring quick gains but the end is misery. The former are followed by the noble souls in the world and we should follow their examples.

We have choices in life every moment in terms of seeking nearness towards matter and God. We are usually awe-struck by the glitter of matter that we forget even our true nature, namely, the consciousness. Our true companion is God, the Cosmic Consciousness. Besides appreciating the beauty of the material world, we should explore the spiritual world of the tiny self and Infinite Self that is far more beautiful because that only creates the beauty of the visible world. We have to realise in our lives the lofty ideal which our faith sets before us. We have to take all possible care to preserve its purity, its spirituality and its liberality

The second part of the book, which was compiled sometime after the first part consists of the enumeration of the daily duties of the theistic householder according to the ideals of the Brahmo Dharma. Debendranath conceived Brahmo Dharma to be a religious faith of the home and society and not that of the forests. Accordingly Maharshi thought it necessary to add a number of practical precepts to the Theological principles enunciated in the first part.

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