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Relevance of Brahmo Ideals in Today’s World – The Brahmo Way of Life (Part – 6)

By Keshab Chand Challa

The early teachers of our faith clearly conceived the idea of God’s direct revelation to the soul. The Brahmo Samaj movement is a serious attempt to preserve the purity of Theism. While Brahmos should entertain deep reverence for the ancient teachers and scriptures of this country and of the world in general they should never to lose sight of the reforming character of Brahmoism and the Brahmo Samaj. The history of the Brahmo Samaj may be said to be one long struggle to keep up the purity, spiritually and liberality of its faith and in our life. As a Brahmo, we should keep up that struggle in its earnestness. We should never be tempted to make the slightest compromise with caste and idolatry.  Worship God every day with reverence, have communion with him, consecrate our life to him and do His will. We have to seek His guidance in every concern of our life.  Lastly, keep ourselves free from selfishness by all means, selfishness which attacks even the highest spiritual life.

While endeavouring to be a faithful and devoted Brahmo in our private life, take always a living and practical interest in the propagation of our faith and in the progress of the Brahmo Samaj. Serve Brahmoism and the Brahmo Samaj in all possible ways whole heartedly.

 May God be ever with us and help us in our endeavour to live a truly Brahmo life.

  • I believe in God as the one only Creator and Sustainer of the world. I believe him to be infinite in power, wisdom, love and holiness.
  • I believe the human soul to be immortal and eternally progressive.
  • I believe that God manifests himself directly to the soul of man and that there are no mediators between God and the soul in the shape of prephets or scriptures.
  • I honour and accept all religious teachers and books so far as they are in harmony with direct revelation of God in the soul.
  • I resolve to worship God daily and to practise holiness with all my heart and soul.
  • I abjure caste and idolatry, and resolve to perform all domestic ceremonies according to the principles of the Brahmo Samaj. May God help me in being faithful to the vow I take today.

The Articles of faith for Brahmos are:

  • Brahmos embrace righteousness as the only way of life.
  • Brahmos embrace truth, knowledge, reason, free will and virtuous intuition (observation) as guides.
  • Brahmos embrace secular principles but oppose sectarianism and imposition of religious belief into governance (especially propagation of religious belief by government).
  • Brahmos embrace the co-existence of Brahmo principles with governance, but oppose all governance in conflict with Brahmo principles.
  • Brahmos reject narrow theism (especially polytheism), idolatry and symbolism.
  • Brahmos reject the need for formal rituals, priests or places (church, temple, mosque) for worship.
  • Brahmos reject dogma and superstition.
  • Brahmos reject scriptures as authority.
  • Brahmos reject revelations, prophets, gurus, messiahs, or avatars as authority.
  • Brahmos reject bigotry and irrational distinctions like caste, creed, colour, race, religion which divide beings.
  • Brahmos reject all forms of totalitarianism.
  • Brahmos examine the prevalent notion of “sin”.
  • Brahmos examine the prevalent notions of “heaven” or “hell”.
  • Brahmos examine the prevalent notion of “salvation”.

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