Editorial – March 2022

The last month of the Bengali calendar starts from the middle of March and this is perhaps the last month of spring in the Indian subcontinent. The scorching heat of summer starts well before summer knocks at our door officially and the climate is rendered much warmer due to our constant embarrassment of the eco-system. This year the charms of this beautiful season has eluded us even more as the world is caught in the grip of a violent war that is not only directly wreaking havoc with the life of millions of people, who have been uprooted from their homes to seek refuge in other countries but also adversely affecting the global population indirectly by disturbing the world’s economy. Mankind has faced such devastating circumstances severally in the past, which have mostly been created by its own destructive impulses like aggression, hate or greed. This time it is no exception. We can only hope that history will teach us the futility of war and also guide us to live more peacefully with our environment which we are constantly abusing, war or not. Will our own follies let us do so unless we learn to cultivate our better senses and endeavour to live in peace with love and harmony?
In this issue we continue with the excerpts from the writings of Late Shri Beni Madhab Das which have been published by his family after his passing and the article on Education Reforms in India Post Independence take up discussions on the higher education in part V. We request our readers to enrich us with their thoughts and ideas by voicing their opinion through letters to the editor. This will encourage us to make this magazine more meaningful.

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