Editorial – April 2022

The New Bengali year 1429 has just begun. But has it brought hope for a more peaceful world? Apparently, there is so much of violence and hatred all around that we may wonder if we are approaching our dooms day. But should be despair? Perhaps not. If we delve deeper we will find uncommon instances of human kindness and magnanimity that have failed to attract the attention due to them. While a part of mankind indulges in suppressing their fellow beings, denying them the human dignity they are entitled too, voices of protest are rising steadily that cry out for justice and equality. Human history passes through cycles that are repeated over and over again. Just as the day follows the night, similarly oppression gives way to justice. Shall we not join the voices of protest against those who trample human dignity and peace?
Next month we will be celebrating the 250th Birth Anniversary of Raja Rammohun Roy. We wish the entire nation may wake up to the outstanding contributions of this genius in ushering in the modern age for an ancient but moribund civilization, which though glorious in the past was in terminal decline, lacking vitality and vigour. The need for his humanitarian ideals and his appeals to rationality are deeply felt in the present troubled times as well when we are threatened with possibility of sliding back to the medieval days of irrationality and superstitions. But now we have the saving grace of people who know better and are bold enough to cry out against discrimination and oppression. We can pay fitting tribute to the reformer if we can hold his ideals dear and spread them to the masses.
In this issue we bring in the sixth part of the discussion on ‘Education Reforms in India Post Independence’ and gleaning from the writings of Shri. Beni Madhab Das. We also pay tribute to Late Acharya Sitaramabrahmam.

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