Tribute – Acharya P. Sitaramabrahmam

By Keshab Chand Challa [Andhra Brahmo Samaj (Hyderabad)]

Tributes to Great Brahmo Acharya Late Sri P Sitaramabrahmam (born on May 20, 1912 – died on January 31, 2008) on his 14 th Death anniversary. He was a Gold Medalist in BA (Philosophy) from Andhra University. Under the influence of two great Brahmo leaders, Sri K Veeresalinga Pantulu and Brahmarshi Sir R Venkataratnam Naidu, he joined Brahmo Samaj at a very young age and led a perfect Brahmo life through out. For 27 years he worked as Assistant Editor in “Andhra Prabha” , the Telugu daily newspaper of the Indian Express group. He was a Philosopher and guide, not only to Andhra Brahmo Samaj, but also to the All India Brahmo Samajees. He was President for All India Brahmo Conferences many times. He revived the “Dharmasadhani” magazine along with Dr G Lakshmipathi Garu and was its Honorary Editor from 1997 till his death. He studied, clearly understood, assimilated and strictly followed Brahmoism throughout his life. To propagate the ideals of the Brahmo Samaj, he wrote many small books on Brahmoism and its leaders in simple language in Telugu and English. His writings are like Text books to the Brahmo Samaj. He was an “Walking Encyclopaedia” on Brahmoism. Always with a smile on his face, his speeches and prayers laced with subtle humour, were wonderful and inspiring. He desired that Brahmo ideals should spread throughout the country and all Brahmos should understand and follow its principles and should be able to perform Upasana and offer prayers on all occasions. We salute this great Brahmo leader on his 14th Death anniversary.     

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