Editorial – September 2018

Last month the Indian state of Kerala experienced one of the worst flood disaster in the century. After 1924 a natural calamity of this magnitude never visited the coastal states. However, the state machinery with the assistance of the union Govt. brought relief and rehabilitation for the suffering millions on a mammoth scale promptly. Relief in cash and kind also reached the victims promptly from within our country and from out side. Sadharan Brahmo Samaj also sent financial help within its limited resources for the suffering people. Our hearts went on to the people of Kerala in this hour of distress.

  1. Let us now for a change go back to the Vaidic ages Kathopanishad says :

যদেবেহ যদমূত্র তদমূত্র তদম্বি মৃত্যোঃ মৃত্যুমাপ্নোতি ইহ নানেব পশ্যতি “ – what is there, is also here, but they reveal themselves in many ways depending on their titles. One who differentiates this universal singularity is bound the cycle of life and death and moves from death to death.

This concept of singularity, possibly, gave rise of monotheism’ A much quoted ‘Sloka’ in Rigveda bears testimony to this idea: ‘একংসদ বিপ্রা বহুধা বদন্তি’

The universal spirit (Brahman) is singular – only the Ages interpret Him in many ways, This  ‘একেশ্বরবাদ’, on the basis of which Rammohun founded his church, emanated from his monistic concept on this idea of ‘সদেকং’ or one True spirit who pervade the entire universe living or  nonliving. Let us pay our homage to this seeker ‘Brahman’ who has no second. We may end this edition of ‘Indian messenger for the month of September 2018 with his immortal lines which runs as follows:

‘Meditate on the only one,

Who pervades land, water and air.

Who has created this Universe

Of which there is no bound;

He knows all, but none can know Him

He is the lord of lords

The god of gods, and the master of masters;

Let us know this

Adorable one

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