Editorial – Jun – Nov 2020

We are happy to bring out the second compiled volume of the Indian Messenger for the months of June to November 2020, which is long overdue as all publication activities have been kept on hold due to the unusual circumstances brought about by the pandemic. Since our entire nation has been under complete lockdown since midnight of October 23, 2020, all activities except the essential services have been suspended. As we have remained confined within the safety of our homes we have kept our interactions alive through the virtual media. We are glad that these communications have not been entirely fruitless as we have managed to gather thought-provoking ideas and garner valuable information that may enrich our minds. As all the religious, educational and other public places are closed down the weekly congregational prayers and Bhadrotsava celebrations of the Samajes have been shifted to the virtual mode, making the sessions accessible across geographical boundaries. This may be regarded as a positive impact of an otherwise negative situation.

However, everyone is not fortunate enough to be assured of a secured existence. As our economy nose-dives owing to shrinkage of employment opportunities due to the sudden lockdown and its aftermath, many of our unfortunate brothers and sisters have been stranded far away from their home without enough resources to fall back upon for their sustenance. This has brought about untold misery in the lives of many who have trudged back on foot over miles to reach back to their families. Hence it has been a serious challenge to balance the risks of uncertain death due to the pandemic and certain death due to loss of livelihood. As if that is not enough, the state of West Bengal has been devastated by the cyclone Amphan and the states of Telengana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are affected by deadly floods. It is heart warming to note that many organisations have come forward to lend their helping hands in mitigating the sufferings of their brethrens. The Sadharan Brahmo Samaj and many other Brahmo Samajes have put in their untiring efforts in carrying out relief work. We humbly acknowledge the role played by these relief workers and pay tribute to all the altruistic endeavours that make this world a better place.

Life is slowly limping back to normal and we have to make every effort to restore the livelihoods to the millions who have been thrown into dire penury and looming uncertainty. Just as other organisations are trying to kick start their activities, we too are making every effort to restore normalcy in our publication activities. We seek your kind feedback in the form of letters to the editor that will help us to improve and make the publications true to the commitments of this time tested organ of the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj.  

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