Editorial – November 2021

The month of November brings to our mind the horrors of the terrorist attack in Mumbai on the 26th of the month in 2008. The mindless carnage ended so many lives untimely leaving the entire nation reeling under its horrors. But what have remained etched in our minds are the heroic acts of so many selfless individuals who strove to save the lives of others, even at the cost of laying down their own lives. Even as we condemn the dastardly act, let us cherish the noble sacrifices of those who show that humanity is above everything else.

Brahmananda Keshab Chandra Sen, the great philosopher and social reformer, was born on November 19, 1838. His 183rd birthday was celebrated with due solemnity. We remember the Brahmo reformer in an article dedicated to him.

2021 is the year prior to the sestercentennial birth anniversary Raja Ram Mohan Roy, which will be celebrated on 22nd May, 2022. Throughout this year many organisations and groups are celebrating this great occasion. Recently in a lecture session Professor S.M. alias Raja Dixit spoke about the profound influence of the Raja on the social reform movements in Maharashtra. The Brahmo Samaj and Prarthana Samaj of the region still carry on their legacies. The Brahmo movement spread far and wide, even at the far corner of Sindh where the Brahmo Samaj was founded under the leadership of Showkiram Nandiram Advani. After the partition of India, the followers of the Sindh Brahmo Samaj moved to Bombay. We remember some of the tireless workers of the Brahmo Samaj in Mumbai (Bombay).

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