Every problem is open to a spiritual solution. The process begins by recognizing what kind of awareness we are working from, because for every challenge in life there are three levels of awareness.

  1. Contracted Awareness:-

This is the level of problems, obstacles, and struggle, fear contributes to a sense of confusion and conflict, we keep doing more of what did not work in the first place. If we remain at this level, we will be frustrated and exhausted.

  1. Expanded Awareness:-

This is the level where solutions Begin to appear. Obstacles are easier to overcome. Our vision extends beyond the conflict, giving us clarity. With greater expansion, unseen forces come to our aid. We move forward according to what we desire form our life.

  1. Pure Awareness:-

This is the level no problems exist. Every challenge is a creative opportunity. We feel completely aligned with the forces of nature. Inner and outer worlds reflect each other without confusion.

Because solutions arise from the level of the true self, they meet no resistance. All our desires lead to the result that is best for us and our surroundings.

Relationships run into problems when symptoms of contracted awareness are present, such as projecting our negativity into our partner, blaming and judging, instead of taking responsibility. Using our partner to fill in missing places of our selves, giving our power, becoming dependent, seizing power, trying to control.

When these problems arise the relationship contracts even more, because each partner is contracting. The result is a breakdown of communications. Such relationships develop impasses where both people feel blocked and frustrated. In a relationship where awareness is expanding both, people involved together. Instead of projecting, we view the other person as a mirror of ourselves.

This is the basis of a spiritual relationship, where we can unfold our true self and relate from that level, see the other person as a soul equal to us, base our happiness on being real, not on illusion and expectations.

Use intimacy to evolve and grow, get past victimization by taking responsibility for our half of the relationship. Ask what we can give before demanding what we can get.

By ordinary measures success is unpredictable. So many factors create it, and some, like timing and opportunity, appear to be random. But what is success? A series of decisions that leads to a positive result. If decision making can be maximized, success, success is more likely.

Decisions based on contracted awareness are unlikely to work out well, because of the following drawbacks;

Limited perspective; impulsiveness, fear of failure, unforeseen obstacles and setbacks, ego, unwillingness to change and adapt, loss of control, opposition from other people, hidden personal agendas.

With the expansion of awareness, each of those drawbacks begins to lessen, and decisions begin to be supported at a deeper level. In pure awareness all decisions are in line with the universe and the underlying laws that govern both the inner and outer worlds.

Our true self is the real us, but how can this be experienced? The everyday self is already flooded with experiences. To arrive at a deeper level requires a process. On a daily basis we orient ourselves to grow in the flowing areas.

Maturity – developing into an independent adult;

Purpose – Finding a reason to be here;

Vision – Adopting a worldview to live by

“Attention” – seeing with the eyes of the soul;

Transcendence – going beyond the restless mind and the five senses;

Liberation – becoming free of boundaries and attachments.

When all these aspects of our true life begin to grow they combine towards one goal breaking down the “reality illusion” that keeps us from knowing who we really are. The end of the reality illusion marks the stage of evolution known as enlightenment.


By: Siluveru Sudarshan

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